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Flytxt Works with Oracle to Deliver Data Driven Experiences for Communications and Digital Service Providers

Flytxt Works with Oracle to Deliver Data Driven Experiences for Communications and Digital Service Providers Credit: Tzido/Bigstockphoto.com
Flytxt’s industry proven Predictive Analytics & AI capabilities, along with Oracle’s Digital Experience for Communications solution, helps provide actionable intelligence for product managers to create and launch offers to the market that are aligned to the Communication Service Provider’s (CSP’s) business KPIs, including product and subscription revenue.
As a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) community, Flytxt is helping introduce new data-driven experiences in Oracle Digital Experience for Communications to improve the precision and personalization with which communication service providers (CSPs) launch products and support customers.
The experiences target specific business personas within the CSP – the marketing, product, or commerce manager and the customer care manager.
The new data-driven experiences in Oracle Digital Experience for Communications leverage customer-centric and product-centric data to improve decision-making within the CSP. They bring in new powerful capabilities such as an AI Assistant that offers catalogue optimization that will transform the way CSPs design and launch new offers for maximizing product lifetime value. In the offer design phase, users will benefit from offer performance predictions, channel uptake metrics, and campaign mode efficiency metrics.
As CSPs work to monetize traditional offers and new digital services/subscriptions, the focus is shifting towards having the right product portfolio that fits their addressable market.
Unfortunately, business users have struggled to align product innovation with business objectives or releasing offers with any degree of certainty of success.
The Flytxt solution along with Oracle Digital Experience for Communications can help CSPs address these challenges by removing the guess work in designing offers, ensuring they are priced optimally, targeted for the right customer segment and, most importantly, aligned to the CSP’s business KPIs.
The solution makes use of Flytxt’s AI/ML models developed, trained, and refined using insights from trillions of accurately labelled samples from billions of customers to derive Intelligence on purchase and usage behavior of customers, such as churn propensity and product affinity, effortlessly.
For example, churn predictions for an end-customer calling into a contact center are calculated using usage patterns, subscription patterns and billing activities, so care agents are enabled to make offer recommendations to mitigate churn in real-time based on subscriber current usage, similar subscribers’ recent uptakes, and retention goals of the CSP.
Dr Vinod Vasudevan, CEO, Flytxt, said: “We are excited to offer our award-winning and market- proven Analytics and AI solutions as part of Oracle Digital Experience for Communications. Our solutions have consistently delivered higher CLTV across 75 Telcos and other enterprises. With this, we extend our commitment to the Oracle community; in advancing their customer-centric digital transformation journey and balancing the goals of delivering hyper-personalized CX and driving long-term Customer Value.”
“We know that service providers need to better understand their customers’ unique buying behaviors and preferences so they can quickly launch new products or offers, provide better service, and increase sales,” said Pritham Shetty, Global Vice President of CX Industry Solutions, Oracle. “Digital Experience for Communications provides a comprehensive view into customers to help service providers have the actionable intelligence on hand to offer more personalized experiences. Flytxt’s expertise in Telecom helps our customers increase customer lifetime value with data-driven experiences.”

The new data-driven experiences across product and customer management journeys will help CSPs increase offer uptake and customer lifetime value, while decreasing churn as they design and serve personalized offers at scale across Sales, Marketing, and Care touch points.

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