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World’s Leading Service Providers Choose Amdocs to Shape the Future

  • Date published Friday, 25 February 2022 10:11
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World’s Leading Service Providers Choose Amdocs to Shape the Future Credit: krissikunterbunt/Bigstockphoto.com

Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, today announced it will showcase its industry-leading suite of cloud-native solutions and services at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. CES22, the most advanced version of the Amdocs Customer Experience Suite, includes the latest technologies for service providers to accelerate new growth opportunities, diversify their business, introduce, and monetize innovative and advanced services for both consumers and businesses, and introduce new business models adapted to the partner-powered economy and the metaverse.

“In a world where connectivity is increasingly critical, it’s essential that service providers are able to provide next-generation experiences to their customers, however and wherever they connect,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy, Amdocs. “At Amdocs, we continue to innovate to power future customer experiences in a rapidly changing world. CES22’s end-to-end capabilities across business, IT and network systems ensure that our customers provide their end users with superior and frictionless experiences.”

Utilizing solutions from the Amdocs CES22 suite, Amdocs customers are also reducing cloud and data center compute waste by retiring data centers, helping reduce inner-city pollution with congestion charging and payment collection, providing public safety and first responders with high-speed wireless broadband network, and introducing smart agriculture to help farmers improve yields and reduce water consumption.

The latest developments in the open and-integrated CES22 suite, from the network through to the end-user experience, enable service providers to build, deliver and monetize advanced services, as well as leverage their install base and previous investments. The CES22 suite provides solutions for 5G standalone network, multi-access edge computing (MEC), a low-code no-code platform, commerce, and embedded AI and machine learning (ML).

The suite also optimizes and automates service provider operations, modernizes their IT and network stacks with cloud-native products, and embeds data-driven intelligence from any internal or external data source across all network and technology layers and systems. It allows service providers to differentiate by providing their own customers with rich, innovative service offerings, as well as state-of-the-art, simple, and always-on experience and unrivaled quality-of-service, and ensures operators have the agility, speed, and efficiency to quickly react to ever-changing market conditions.

In the run-up to Mobile World Congress, Amdocs also announced this month:

Expansion of 5G Solutions to Accelerate 5G Opportunities

Amdocs’ 5G Value Plane solution expansion integrates with end-to-end service orchestration to power real-time business-driven network slice management and orchestration, as well as dynamic, optimal placement of network functions and AI-driven autonomous operations across the entire lifecycle. It also drives new use cases around Network Data Analytics (NWDAF), utilizing network data to support enhanced automation, closed-loop operations, self-healing and ensuring the performance of new monetizable 5G services. The Network Exposure Function (NEF) also provides a platform for network access and capabilities “as-a-service,” exposing 5G functionality to a rich partner ecosystem.

Amazing Charging Capacity for the Software-Driven Network Era

In a significant milestone in its program of successful implementations of its real-time online charging solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud environment, Amdocs and AWS demonstrated an incredible scale capacity target of above 12 billion complex charging transactions per day, a level of volume service providers will need to fully monetize the different business models enabled by 5G moving forward.

Future-ready freestyle monetization solution

Amdocs Freestyle Billing enables service providers to reinvent their billing with a future ready, flexible, multidimensional offering for the endless possibilities of 5G experiences. It offers a unique, holistic approach to monetization to address the new capabilities and use cases enabled by 5G, such as network slicing, AR/VR services in the field, precise monitoring and more. Freestyle Billing introduces a single, open, and modular universal biller that supports each customer, consumer, or enterprise, with a preferred monetization model for their needs per different service, creating countless options for billing and business models based on preference and is ready to handle the metaverse ecosystem.

Open and low-code customer engagement solution

Built on the Amdocs Low-Code Experience platform for fast time to market to enable easy adaptation of any experience for agents, unassisted channels, etc. - over any touchpoint. For unparalleled agent experience, the Amdocs Customer Engagement solution/product is open to integrate with any system and partner, as well as any internal or external data source. Embedded with telco-specific AI/ML capabilities and enhanced automation, the single, unified, and modular application facilitates key aspects of the customer service agent’s complex and varied role.

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